M A R K U S  B A L T A Z A R

Markus Baltazar is a licensed Canadian Mortgage Agent Level I  with TCG Lending Centres FSRA 13441, Canada’s largest independent mortgage brokerage firm. He is also the Founder of Baltazar Homes, currently holding the position of President & CEO. 

Markus connects great people with great solutions. Throughout his tenure in both the legal and financial industry, Markus has built a reputation of leading with advice. No matter what stage his clients are in life, Markus helps them where they need to go. He leverages his knowledge in Corporate Law and Financial Planning, as well as the experience he gained from advising Canada’s Top 1 percent, to ensure his advice has a holistic approach. 

Being raised by medical professionals, Markus understands that our core purpose in life is to help others. Because of this value, Markus has been able to build a solid trust with his clients, which has enabled him to successfully fund over $1.1B in credit financing since stepping into the ring in 2015.

Aside from home financing, Markus is an avid reader and scholar. Upon obtaining his Bachelor of Arts degree in Global Politics and graduating top 10 in his class, he went on to obtain his LL.B* and MBA. As Markus found his passion in Finance, he obtained his CFP® and on his way to obtaining his CFA® and MMAI to better serve his fellow Canadians.

Markus resides in Oakville, Ontario with his dog, Apollo, and his family.