Baltazar CA – Dressing Casually

What men need to understand is that “dressing casually” doesn’t mean you can dress like a total slob. And the unfortunate thing is that it’s what most men do. In fact, a lot of men are guilty of this every weekend. But don’t worry; it happens even to the best dressed men. You may find that the kind of man who suits up everyday severely lacks in the evening and weekend wardrobe department. For the off-duty man, their go to outfit is a simple shirt and jeans. In fact, if men want to go really casual, they would even convince themselves to bust out those dreadful sweatpants with matching sweatshirt without any plans of actually sweating.


While it’s not bad to dress really casually when you’re sitting around watching television on a Saturday, it’s not something you should consider wearing to your child’s recital or to an afternoon picnic hosted by your wife’s coworkers on a weekend. Even though you’re not trying to impress anybody, it still helps to dress up nicely for a Saturday night family date at your local movie theatre.


While you hardly need to break into a three piece suit, it does help to step up your casual wear. And there are great reasons to do so.


  • Being the man of the house, you also represent your family just as much as you represent yourself. That being said, you should always dress accordingly. The idea isn’t to grab everyone’s attention; instead, it is a way for you to form good impressions. Dressing properly allows you to send a solid and positive presentation of who you are.
  • Dressing well means you’re ready for anything. Being out in public, there’s a chance you might meet your next potential client. How you present yourself in casual settings can make all the difference. If you dress right, you are ready for success in any way and form.



Here are things to consider when you’re trying to dress casually but still look sharp.


  1. Notice how your clothes fit. Go for fitted clothes, not tight clothes. You can clearly see if your clothes fit if they give you enough movement. The length shouldn’t be too short or too long. The shoulders of the shirt should cut straight at your shoulders too.
  2. Try wearing a pair of cufflinks with an open neck shirt — its simple and really adds a bit of jazz to your look.
  3. Good fabric is also very important. There’s a huge difference between inexpensive fabric and cheap looking fabric. With cheap fabric, you can sometimes visibly see your undershirt and that’s never a good thing.
  4. Go for classic styles that also compliment your shape and body type. Not all classic styles look good, so make sure you do some research and only pick styles that you look good in.
  5. Great shoes can make or break an outfit. If you’re not on the beach, leave the sandals at home. Unless you’re going for a jog, you shouldn’t be wearing running shoes.